Overseas medical qualifications we do not accept

Below are the primary medical qualifications that we don't currently accept due to previous assessments against our criteria. 


Medical institution


  • St Matthew’s University School of Medicine

  • Grace University School of Medicine


  • Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cook Islands

  • St Mary’s Medical School


  • Avalon University School of Medicine

  • Caribbean Medical University


  • Saint Luke School of Medicine

Saint Lucia

  • Atlantic University School of Medicine

  • Spartan Health Sciences University (where course of study began on or before 31 December 2008)

  • St Mary’s Medical School


  • St Christopher Ibrahima Mar Diop College of Medicine (for students who graduated before 2003)
    St Christopher Ibrahima Mar Diop College of Medicine – UK campus


  • University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine (USAIM)


  • Lugansk State Medical University located in Lugansk (students who began or completed their studies after 30 September 2014)

  • Crimea State Medical University named after S I Georgievsky (students who began their studies after 1 March 2014)

  • Crimean Medical Institute (students who began their studies after 1 March 2014)

  • Vernadsky Crimean Federal University S.I. Georgievsky Medical Academy (students who began their studies after 1 March 2014)

Why is your medical school on this list?

There are a number of reasons why we might not accept a qualification. For example, if we:

  • have information that shows the qualification doesn't meet our acceptability criteria

  • have questions about the acceptability of the qualification and, after investigation, are not satisfied that the qualification is acceptable

  • get information about irregularities of the programme of study or the awarding of qualifications and are not satisfied that the qualification is acceptable.

We only place a medical school on this list once we have carried out a full investigation and concluded that it is the most appropriate course of action.

If you have any queries about this list, please contact us.

Please note that the criteria we use to define an acceptable overseas qualification can change.

I am an administrator of a medical school on this list

If you are from a medical school which appears on this list, you can request a review of your institution's qualification at any time. Simply complete the medical school qualification review form and send it to us, along with any evidence, for assessment. We also have guidance to help you complete the form. If you have any queries, please contact GMCRegInvTeam@gmc-uk.org.