GMC reference numbers

What is a GMC reference number? 

When doctors first make contact with us we give them a seven digit reference number. They keep this throughout their professional career. This reference number is their unique identifier.

Check the GMC reference number

Just because a doctor has a reference number, it does not mean the doctor is currently on the register.

It's important you check the doctor's registration and licence to practise details with us.

You also need to make sure you have the correct GMC reference number and it belongs to the doctor you want to employ.

Displaying names and GMC reference numbers

A doctor should share their reference number with patients and the public, in line with Paragraph 64 of Good medical practice

You can help your doctors do this by displaying their registered name and GMC reference number wherever possible. 

Examples are:

  • on stationery
  • on door signs
  • on name plates
  • on websites.

Read our guidance for doctors about names and GMC reference numbers.


If someone you have contact with in your professional role asks for your registered name and/or GMC reference number, you must give this information to them.