PA and AA regulation: information for patients

From December 2024, we’ll regulate physician associates (PAs) and anaesthesia associates (AAs) as well as doctors.

Regulation will help assure patients, colleagues and employers that PAs and AAs can work safely and be held to account if serious concerns are raised. This is the underlying purpose of regulation, for doctors, for other healthcare professionals, and will be for PAs and AAs too.

We will:

  • set the standards of patient care and professional behaviours PAs and AAs need to meet
  • set the outcomes and standards that students qualifying from PA and AA courses must meet to join our register, and approve the curricula that courses must deliver
  • check who is eligible to work as a PA or AA in the UK and check they continue to meet the professional standards we set throughout their careers
  • give guidance and advice to help PAs and AAs understand what’s expected of them
  • investigate where there are concerns that patient safety, or the public’s confidence in PAs and AAs, may be at risk, and take action if needed

In this guide you can find information about how we’ll regulate PAs and AAs to help ensure patient safety.