Remembering Professor Peter Kopelman

Following the recent news about the loss of Professor Peter Kopelman, colleagues from across the GMC have been remembering his commitment to medical education and training.

He has been an insightful and kind colleague to many of us over the years and was sitting on our external advisory group for the introduction of regulation for physician associates and anaesthesia associates at the time of his passing.

‘He was an innovator and deeply committed to making our health system work for all’, said Professor Colin Melville, Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards for the General Medical Council. 

‘With others, he advanced a proposal for part time medical degrees and blended learning pathways to make medicine as a career more accessible, several years before it became the reality it is now’.

Peter’s innovation included delivering UK medical education overseas with programmes in Cyprus and the United States. He engaged with us to ensure those programmes met UK standards. 

‘When the GMC was proposed as the regulator for physician associates (PAs) and anaesthesia associates (AAs), Peter was quick to get in touch. He offered practical support and invaluable counsel’, said Clare Barton, Assistant Director for Medical Associate Professions (MAPs) at the GMC. 

‘Peter continued to be generous with his time and expertise, sitting as a member of our MAPs external advisory group. He was a great supporter of the medical associate professions, helping us to understand the vital role they play in the UK health system. He was committed to putting career progression in place that would make these roles more sustainable’. 

It is a real shame that Peter will not be with us to see PAs and AAs become regulated healthcare professionals. His contribution to the future regulation and success of those professions is a legacy we will value highly. 

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues at this time.