GMC supports anti-bullying  guide for health leaders

The General Medical Council is a proud member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Today the group has released a reference document for health leaders giving guidance on how to tackle bullying and undermining. It sets out a wide variety of initiatives and practical approaches that Alliance members are undertaking to change workplace culture, including our professional behaviours and patient safety programme.

Dame Clare Marx, Chair of the GMC, said:

‘The evidence shows us that if unprofessional behaviours go unchallenged then patient safety suffers.

‘Bullying and undermining have been a recurring theme of successive health inquiries. Doctors are telling us that sometime its stops them from delivering safe care. If we equip all doctors, but especially medical leaders and managers, to challenge poor behaviour in others we will support them in delivering the good care they want to provide.

‘Delivering good patient care cannot be done in isolation. We are proud to be part of the Anti-Bullying Alliance. We will continue to collaborate in  leading the change necessary to support all staff in behaving with kindness, respect and dignity towards colleagues.’