GMC sets out annual registration fees

The GMC’s annual registration fees will increase by 0.5% from 1 April 2021, meaning fully registered doctors will pay £2 per year more than they do now.

The price of registration this year follows the GMC commitment to limit increases in line with inflation.

The fee rise means that newly qualified doctors will pay £1 per year more than they do now. For doctors applying for provisional registration, the fee will not increase.

Newly qualified doctors will still see the benefit from discounted registration fees for up to six years. Additionally, the GMC will continue to offer a 50% discount on the annual retention fee for doctors who earn less than £32,000. This includes those on maternity, paternity and adoption leave and doctors receiving sick pay.

From 1 April, the fee for full registration with a licence to practice will rise from £406 to £408, while the discounted fee for newly qualified doctors will go from £156 to £157.

We fully understand the challenging circumstances doctors are working in to care for patients and support our health services. We will continue our important work to improve training experience and working environments, making them safe, supportive, inclusive and fair for doctors. We want to help to develop a diverse medical workforce with the right skills, so patients receive the best quality care, and so their needs and expectations are met.

We will also create a new temporary clinical assessment centre to test the skills of thousands of overseas doctors wanting to work in the UK. This investment will bring our testing capacity back to pre-pandemic levels.

 Newly qualified doctors 2020
Provisional registration 52 52
Full registration (year 1) 156 157
Annual retention fee (years 2 to 5) 156 157


Other doctors  2020
Full registration 406 408
Annual retention fee with a licence 406  408
Annual retention fee without a licence 145 146


Other fees  2020
PLAB test - part 1 239 240
PLAB test - part 2 875 879
Certificate of completion of training 437 439
Certificate of eligibility for specialist registration 1,668 1,676
Certificate of eligibility for GP registration 1,668 1,676
Certificate of GP acquired rights 305 307