GMC featured on BBC’s The One Show

Our work to help refugee doctors into work in the UK has been featured on the BBC television programme The One Show.

An item on the programme followed Dr Rouni Youssef, a refugee doctor from Syria, through the process of gaining work as a doctor in the UK.

Rouni, like other doctors arriving from outside the European Economic Area, had to pass an English language test and go through a theoretical and practical medical exam before being able to get a licence to practise here.

Overseas doctors must demonstrate a strong competency in the English language before being able to sit our exams. The language checks make sure doctors are able to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.

"We value the expertise that refugee doctors bring to healthcare in this country. Many of them have been through difficult and traumatic experiences, and they are keen to continue their careers in the UK. "

Jane Durkin

Assistant Director of Registration at the GMC

'We do what we can to help, for example by discounting registration and exam fees, while at the same making sure they have the necessary medical and language skills, and experience, that are required to work here.' Jane continued.

We welcome the skills of doctors with refugee status or those who have been granted leave to remain in the UK and can assist them with discounted registration fees and reduced costs for the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test.

The programme, which featured on BBC One on Monday evening, showed Rouni registering at the our Manchester office after passing his PLAB exams.

We run a free course, Welcome to UK practice, is offered to doctors new to the UK. It explains the standards expected of doctors and ethical scenarios they may face to help them adapt to working in the UK’s four countries.