How we will regulate

Our regulatory standards

We’ve published a joint statement  with other statutory health and care regulators in the UK. This sets out how we’ll all carry out our roles during the pandemic.

The statement recognises the vital role that health and care professionals will play in responding to the pandemic. It says that:

  • healthcare professionals may need to depart from established procedures to care for patients in highly challenging circumstances
  • our guidance provides a framework for decision making in a wide range of situations
  • doctors need to use their judgement to apply the principles in our guidance to the situations they face

It also says that concerns about registered professionals will always be considered on the specific facts of the case. This includes taking into account the situation in which the professional is working and any protocols in place at the time. The scale of the challenges to delivering safe care would also be relevant to a question about the clinical care provided by a doctor. 

Our services 

We’re doing everything we can to help the health service care for those who need it. We’re continuing to deliver many of our services to support doctors and patients. Our contact centre remains open, we’re continuing to process applications for registration, and running online courses for doctors new to UK practice. 

We’ve also made some changes to our regulatory activities so doctors can spend more time on clinical care. This includes deferring revalidation dates and postponing our national training surveys.

You can check how we’re delivering our key services on our ‘status of our services’ page.