Dos and don’ts


  • Read local procedures so you are aware of what you need to do. It is your responsibility to get approval of any time out of programme.
  • Check with your home deanery or LETB to see what they need – each deanery or LETB asks for different information.
  • Speak with your training programme director and educational supervisor as soon as possible. Remember your deanery or LETB needs a minimum of three months’ notice.
  • Check with the relevant college or faculty about their requirements. The information they require varies between colleges or faculties, and even specialties.
  • Provide further information if either the deanery or LETB, or college or faculty, requests it.
  • Check the endorsement letter from the college or faculty and make sure it is accurate. Any discrepancies will lead to a delay.
  • Read A reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK – The Gold Guide. This will give you further information about going out of your specialty training programme.


  • Give up your GMC registration or licence to practise, even if you are going overseas. The Gold Guide stipulates a training number will be withdrawn when a trainee does not hold GMC registration with a licence to practise.
  • Assume you will get support and endorsement.
  • Expect the time to count towards your CCT if you have not submitted your application in time.
  • Ask for time to count in a post which you have already started (or completed). All specialty training must be approved before the doctor in training starts in the post if it is to count towards the award of a CCT.