Awarding credentials to doctors

Awarding, withholding, appeals

The award of GMC credentials is closely modelled on processes used for awarding CCTs. This involves receiving a recommendation from a panel via the credential developing body and then asking doctors to confirm that they wish to have the credential recorded on the list of medical registered practitioners (LRMP).

We will carry out appropriate checks before awarding a credential and updating a doctor’s entry on the LRMP. If there is any fitness to practice activity, we will postpone a decision on award of the credential until this is resolved.

Decisions regarding panel recommendation will be made by the credential developing body and appeals will be managed by the statutory education bodies.


A GMC credential may be removed from a doctor in the following circumstances:

  • a request by the doctor that they no longer wish to have the GMC credential, or
  • the GMC credential was awarded because of an administrative error, or
  • it can be demonstrated that the credential had been obtained fraudulently.