Improving handover arrangements

Handover is an increasing challenge faced by many all over the country, with multiple handovers during the day involving different shift changes for different grades of staff.

Having self-identified this as an area for improvement, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust outlines the way they have responded.

Why is the improvement needed?

Doctors in paediatrics training at the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust have highlighted handover as an area that they could improve. The Trust also noted this as an increasing problem faced by many elsewhere in the country.

What has been introduced?

The team have completed a continuous quality improvement project over three years to develop their handover arrangements. There has been the introduction of a handover proforma with a safety brief. Completed three times a day, the brief highlights the major issues at the start of handover sessions. It has also been useful in collecting cases or audit, x-ray meeting review and governance reviews.

The team have also altered their consultant duties, providing two consultants on duty daily, to improve teaching and supervision. And to support doctors in training access to study leave. The implementation of regular department meetings include simulated scenarios to support learning.


Improved perception on handover

The GMC National Training Survey (NTS) has looked to reflect the improvement within the department over the past three years. Showing consecutive above outliers for handover. The team have started sharing the handover proforma with other local education providers within the region.

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A good handover process facilitates safe and efficient practice.