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Academic report 2022

Academic report 2022

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List of dual CCTs

Practical guide to evaluating interventions

How to support successful training for black, and minority ethnic doctors: actions and case studies for medical royal colleges and faculties

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Student professionalism competition 2021

Catherine Mills and Madeline Whitcomb, St George's, University of London (shortlisted)

Achieving good medical practice: effective working within healthcare teams

Hania Sohawon, Brandon-George Norman, Kuma Nkuo and Rayma Risquet, University of Buckingham (shortlisted)


Student professionalism competition 2020

Analysis and design of e-learning module

Communication e-learning presentation

Lesson plan


Samhitha Alavala and Liberty Emerson, Newcastle University (Runners up) 

Shreyas Moodalbyle, Dengyi Zhou, Devika Nair and Laxsan Karunanithy, University of Birmingham (Runners up)

Nieve Martin and Rezmin Begum, Queens University (Shortlisted)

Dinaratchagi Raja and Thanh Tran, University of Plymouth (Shortlisted)

Milad Rouf, Cardiff University (Shortlisted)

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Clustering analysis report

SASLED initial findings report updated 09/03/2020

SASLED survey reporting tool user guide updated 21/04/2020 

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DC11199 List of approved programmes and sites updated 12/10/2021


2020 initial findings - livelink id: 84390984

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Benchmark groups table - livelink id: 76104945

Progression reports - annual review of competence progression - undergraduate - livelink id: 75129036 

Progression reports - annual review of competence progression - postgraduate - livelink id: 75128581

June 2019

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    DC11554 List of approved GP trainers


    Credentialing: summary of draft framework

    Credentialing: a draft framework

    Credentialing: supplementary information

    Enhanced monitoring

    View a list of open issues by provider, region or country on our enhanced monitoring database

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    Briefing note 3 annex a 2019 update 2

    Briefing note 4 2019

    Briefing note 4 2019 Annex A

    Briefing note 4 2019 Annex B

    National training survey 2018 burnout questions

    Training environments 2018

    The Reflective Practioner

    DC11778 POL W The reflective practioner guidance.pdf

    DC11778 POL W The reflective practioner summary.pdf

    Examples of reflection

    CPD reflective narratives updated 28/01/2019

    Outcomes for graduates

    Outcomes for graduates 2018

    Practical skills and procedures

    Practical skills and procedures (Embedded in MLA PDF version, do not alter filename)

    Outcomes for graduates

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    SASLED doctors full question

    SASLED doctors full question set updated

    The Shape of training review looked at potential reforms to the structure of postgraduate medical education and training across the UK.

    The review looked at potential reforms to the structure of postgraduate medical education and training across the UK.

    The review's aim was to make sure we:

    • continue to train effective doctors who are fit to practise in the UK;
    • provide high quality and safe care; and
    • meet the needs of patients and service now and in the future.

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    Achieving good medical practice

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