Finding ways to share what we learn

Being able to share learning resources offers many benefits for everyone involved:

  • trainees, who benefit from the wide pool of knowledge
  • trainers, who can deliver effective training more efficiently
  • organisations which can rely on consistent training
  • and patients, who benefit from better care

Read how the Northern School of Radiology is putting technology to work to share learning resources across its entire region.

The initiative

The Northern School of Radiology has built a facility of networked computers running an open source picture archiving and communication system (PACS) which creates a simulated workplace cross-sectional imaging learning environment. Cases are standardised and chosen by the trainers to ensure complete delivery of the curriculum to the requisite standard, and by collecting cases from across the region, a validated case archive has been built that will eventually cover the entirety of the curriculum with reference to cross sectional and plain film imaging.

What is unique about this initiative?

Whilst digital imaging libraries can be found elsewhere, this initiative is innovative as the library is constructed and used to deliver standardised learning in a controlled environment. It is also unique in the fact that it is a regional collaboration and a regional shared training resource. It will also help mitigate the service pressures trainers are under, which is in constant conflict with training delivery.


Improved curricular coverage

By giving learners standardised lists of cases to report, it will be possible for the curriculum to be completely and thoroughly covered to the same standard for every learner. Furthermore, this also allows for better progress monitoring, and gives learners additional support.

Low maintenance with considerable impact

Construction of a library of this magnitude, breadth and scope is challenging, and will take a number of years to accomplish. Once built, the maintenance and refreshment task will be much easier. The principle is easy enough to adopt elsewhere; the challenges are finding dedicated space, securing capital funding, and achieving consultant trainers buy in to a training model that is quite different to the traditional one.

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