Embedding appropriate consent

The NHS Litigation Authority requires trusts to have a system in place to demonstrate that individuals who take consent (delegated) have received appropriate training to meet the required standards.

Read below how Airedale NHS Foundation Trust responded to make sure that appropriate consent was integral to their approach.

A Consent Passport

Following the introduction of the NHS Litigation Authority's requirement, the consent passport was devised and implemented at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

This was designed to monitor specific consent training on the delivery of procedure. It also provides the necessary evidence in the form of a documented record of each procedure in which doctors or nursing staff have received consent training. This record gives assurance that the individual is fully trained to take consent before a specific procedure is performed and that they meet the legal and ethical obligations of taking consent.


Training record keeping

Doctors in training at the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust value the consent passport as it enables them to keep an ongoing record of progress in this area. The consent passport gives doctors in training confidence and avoids them being placed in a difficult position where they may be uncomfortable taking consent for certain procedures. The doctors in training value the formality of the consent training and include training records as evidence of their on-going training in e-portfolios.

Consideration for a regional approach

Consent training is currently documented in the consent passport and then recorded electronically by the Trust's education department. It would be beneficial to develop a regional system that would enable an individual's record of consent training to be transferred automatically with them to their future placements.

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