Principles of continuing professional development

The purpose of continuing professional development (CPD) is to help improve the safety and quality of care provided for patients and the public.

Responsibility for personal learning

You are responsible for identifying your CPD needs, planning how those needs should be addressed and undertaking CPD that will support your professional development and practice.


Good medical practice requires you to reflect regularly on your standards of medical practice.

Scope of practice

You must remain competent and up to date in all areas of your practice.

Individual and team learning

Your CPD activities should aim to maintain and improve the standards of your own practice and also those of any teams in which you work.

Identification of needs

Your CPD activities should be shaped by assessments of both your professional needs and the needs of the service and the people who use it.


You must reflect on what you have learnt through your CPD and record any impact (or expected future impact) on your performance and practice.