Examples of reflection

There is growing evidence from research that reflective practice improves the way people perform in their jobs.

This is particularly important for medical practitioners to maintain and improve their standard of practice.

Together with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, we're collecting a series of anonymised reflective narratives, examples of how some doctors have reflected on their practice.

These narratives are not intended to be used as templates about reflection for appraisal. They are instead designed to help doctors with the thought process for reflection, which is an important part of their professional development and appraisals.

These personal stories from doctors show how reflective practice has helped them with their development.

Read the reflective narratives

Many ways to reflect

There are many ways to reflect. Here is a reflective poem from a general practitioner on sharing bad news with her trainee – Pear shaped: responding to adversity.

Read Pear shaped: responding to adversity

Share your reflections

We are looking to collect at least one narrative per specialty, ideally with a range of different grades, ie from SAS grades as well as consultant.

Each narrative answers a series of questions in the form of a template, which will be anonymised before it is published.

If you are inspired to share your reflections here with your peers, please contact us at quality@gmc-uk.org for further information.