What does the assessment involve

A health assessment is one part of a wider investigation into your fitness to practise. It will help us to understand any concerns about your health before considering measures we may need to take to protect patients.

We'll select two doctors to carry out an examination of your physical or mental health or both.

Is there anything you can provide to help the health assessment examiners?

Before the appointment

If you have copies of recent or up-to-date health reports – such as from occupational health, your GP or treating physician – please send these to your GMC officer.

At the appointment

Two doctors will carry out an examination of your health. They will need to assess your current health condition for their reports. 

We encourage you to be as open and honest as you can. This means providing as much information as you can when answering the examiners’ questions.

How do the examiners assess your mental health?

You will be invited to talk with two examiners, who are normally general psychiatrists. They will take a case history. This will cover current symptoms, previous symptoms, and relevant episodes.

To help build a complete picture of your mental health they'll also ask you about your family and personal history. This might include questions about things like: 

  • career
  • education
  • personal relationships
  • hobbies and interests 
  • alcohol and other substance misuse.

If you are unwell at the time of the health assessment, the examiners will usually ask questions to try to get an idea of what you were like before you were unwell.

How do the examiners assess your physical health?

You will have a basic physical examination.

If you need a more detailed physical examination, we may refer you to a specialist.

Will you be asked to provide testing samples?

If your health condition relates to drugs or alcohol use, you will usually be asked to provide a testing sample. This will help the examiners investigate any substances you might be taking that could affect your health.

We work with Cansford Laboratories. When a testing sample is needed, they will contact you directly to arrange a collection date.

Can we arrange a health assessment for you outside the UK?

We’re unable to do this. Although you may be living and working abroad, our investigation relates to your practice in the UK. This means we can only organise for the examiners to meet you in the UK.