What does the assessment involve

A health assessment is one part of a wider investigation into your fitness to practise. It will help us to understand any health concerns before considering whether we need to take any measures to protect patients.

We'll select two doctors to carry out an examination of your physical and/or mental health.

Physical examinations

You will have a basic physical examination. One of the examiners may take a blood or hair test to investigate any substances that you might be taking – such as drugs or alcohol – that could affect your health.

If you need a more detailed physical examination, we may refer you to a specialist.

Mental examinations

One of the examiners will be a general psychiatrist, who will take a case history covering symptoms, past history and previous relevant episodes. They'll also ask you about your family and personal history, including career, education, personal relationships, hobbies and interests, alcohol and substance misuse.

If you're unwell at the time of examination, the examiners will usually try to get an idea of what you were like before you were unwell. Sometimes there might be a mental state examination.