How we support doctors in the fitness to practise processes

We understand the impact that having a concern raised about them can have on a doctor. It’s likely they’ll be worried, and they may be unsure of what to do, or where to go for advice.

We have a range of support that we offer to all doctors who are in the fitness to practise processes, including:

  • asking doctors at the start of an investigation if we can call them rather than just writing them a letter. We let them know we are investigating a concern that has been raised and outline what will happen next
  • giving every doctor a single point of contact so they can speak to the same person about their case throughout the process
  • making sure specially trained colleagues are available to talk to any doctor we know to be vulnerable
  • funding an independent confidential support service run by the British Medical Association (BMA). This includes out of hours access to a 24 hour helpline. The service is for all doctors in our fitness to practise processes, whether they’re BMA members or not.

Find more information on the support that’s available for doctors.