Parliamentarians and legislators' perceptions survey 2022

What were the key findings?

  • 77% of parliamentarians are confident in how the GMC regulates doctors.
  • 89% of respondents in Wales are confident in how the GMC regulates doctors, 88% in the North of England and 73% in Scotland.
  • Compared to last year, there is a big rise (+8%) in respondents trusting the GMC due to word of mouth.
  • 43% of respondents agree that the GMC’s approach to regulation responds to the needs of the individual parts of the UK.
  • Awareness of why the GMC is calling for legislative reform is generally low, with 41% knowing nothing at all. Those in the devolved legislatures have the highest awareness.
  • 40% of respondents agree the GMC is focusing on the right issues as a regulator, with very low levels of disagreement.

Why did we commission this research?

This research was commissioned to help us understand parliamentarians and legislators’ perceptions of us and our role in 2022. It’s an annual survey which helps us monitor changes in perceptions over time.

What did the research involve?

This research was delivered by an independent research consultancy, YouGov. It included an omnibus survey with 101 members of the House of Commons, 77 members of the House of Lords, 45 members of devolved assemblies (12 MLAs, 19 MSPs, 14 MSs).

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