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You can find all published research reports and insight papers here. Please note we commission independent organisations to conduct research, therefore we may not always share the same views and opinions given.


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Evaluating the impact of the Duties of a doctor programme

Research | 3 Dec 2019
This independent research was commissioned to evaluate the impact of the duties of a doctor programme to determine if it changes doctors’ professional behaviour over time.

Understanding communication failures involving doctors

Research | 4 Nov 2019
We carried out the research, in collaboration with the Scottish Government, to identify the key areas where communication failures have led to patient harm. We also wanted to identify whether it was feasible to identify interventions to reduce the risk of harm occurring.
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Our data about doctors with a European primary medical qualification in 2019

Insight | 30 Oct 2019
Our insight paper into data about doctors with a European primary medical qualification.
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Fairness of decisions to refer doctors to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service interim orders tribunal

Research | 11 Sep 2019
This research is part of an ongoing programme of work to make sure our fitness to practise procedures are fair, consistent and robust.
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What it means to be a doctor

Research | 12 Aug 2019
The research was commissioned to help us gain an in-depth understanding of the professional experiences and perceptions of doctors that impact on the ways they practice, develop their careers and their future plans.
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Adapting, coping, compromising research – exploring the tactics and decisions doctors are applying in a system under pressure.

Research | 12 Aug 2019
This research was commissioned to help us understand how doctors are adapting, coping and compromising in their day-to-day practice, while working in systems under pressure. It explored the different ways doctors are working, how sustainable this is and if patient care and safety could be impacted.
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How doctors in senior leadership roles establish and maintain a positive patient-centred culture

Research | 12 Aug 2019
Independent research that we commissioned to help understand the practical, day-to-day lived experiences of doctors in senior leadership roles and the challenges they face in building a positive culture.
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Why do many public concerns that would be better directed to another organisation come to the GMC?

Research | 28 Jun 2019
Most people who want to complain about a doctor have low awareness of the complaints landscape and so search online for information. The research identified four ‘key reasons why’ people complain to the GMC.
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Evaluation of Welcome to UK practice

Research | 26 Jul 2019
An independent evaluation to explore the impact of the GMC Welcome to UK practice programme on supporting overseas qualified doctors to make a successful transition to working in the UK.
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Fair to refer?

Research | 25 Jun 2019
We commissioned this research to understand why some groups of doctors are referred for fitness to practise concerns more, or less, than others by their employers or contractors and what can be done about it.

Promoting and maintaining public confidence in the medical profession

Research | 6 Jun 2019
Our research to support the Independent review of gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide in medical practice
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The vital contribution of specialty and associate specialists (SAS) and locally employed doctors

Research | 12 Mar 2019
Specialty and associate specialists (SAS) and locally employed doctors (LEDs) make up a sizeable proportion of the medical profession in the UK.