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You can find all published research reports and insight papers here. Please note we commission independent organisations to conduct research, therefore we may not always share the same views and opinions given.


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Fair to refer

Research | 25 Jun 2019
We commissioned this research to understand why some groups of doctors are referred for fitness to practise concerns more, or less, than others by their employers or contractors and what can be done about it.

Promoting and maintaining public confidence in the medical profession

Research | 6 Jun 2019
Our research to support the Independent review of gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide in medical practice
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The vital contribution of specialty and associate specialists (SAS) and locally employed doctors

Research | 12 Mar 2019
Specialty and associate specialists (SAS) and locally employed doctors (LEDs) make up a sizeable proportion of the medical profession in the UK.
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Corporate strategy and stakeholder perceptions baseline survey

Research | 7 Mar 2019
The research was commissioned to help us establish a baseline of perceptions of us among doctors, Responsible Officers, patients and the public, and stakeholders so that we can track progress against the aims of our 2018-20 corporate strategy over time.

Patient and public attitudes towards consent and decision making

Research | 13 Nov 2018
The research explored patient and public attitudes towards roles in decision making and consent, including good communication and how to support patient decision making.
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Relationships between primary medical qualification and nationality in 2017 and 2018

Insight | 8 Nov 2018
Our insight findings into the relationship between primary medical qualification and nationality in 2017 and 2018.

Evaluating the impact of differential attainment interventions

Research | 4 Dec 2018
The overall aim of this research is to enhance fair training for all. It aims to support and encourage training organisations and educators to evaluate interventions and programmes of support, and to share their learning with others in order to build an evidence base.

Medical training quality assurance review

Research | 1 Nov 2018
Are we successful in our role of ensuring quality in medical education and training? How does our work compare to that of other regulators, how is it viewed by our stakeholders?

Our data about doctors with a European primary medical qualification in 2018

Insight | 15 Oct 2018
Our insight paper into data about doctors with a European primary medical qualification.
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Best Practice in the Assessment of Competence: A Literature Review

Research | 8 Oct 2018
What research exists about Good practice in the use of summative assessments around professionalism?
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NHS GPs in England and Scotland face growing workplace pressures

Research | 23 May 2018
Working patterns of NHS GPs in England and Scotland highlights strong patterns between contractual arrangements and rates of complaints and investigations.
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Evaluating the regulatory impact of medical revalidation

Research | 1 May 2018
Findings from the UK Medical Revalidation Evaluation Collaboration’s (UMbRELLA) three-year study into the impact of revalidation.