Number of doctors choosing to undertake locum work rises

A growing proportion of doctors in England, Scotland and Wales are choosing to undertake work as locums.

This is just one of the key findings from our fifth insight paper – what our data shows about locums.

The paper, which also gives a snapshot of the changing makeup of the locum workforce, shows an increase of almost 12,000 in licensed doctors working as locums between 201317.

Our data for this paper only covers locums working in England, Scotland and Wales (expect GP locums working in Wales).

Northern Ireland and Wales

There was no practice history data available for analysis for doctors in Northern Ireland or for GPs working in Wales. 

We are seeking equivalent data and will produce further analyses for these groups once the data has been sourced.

Why are we sharing this data?

We are making our data more accessible to relevant organisations and individuals, to help inform further research and policy development. As well as our annual publication (The state of medical education and practice in the UK), we now produce more regular reports on specific themes and topics. 

What were the findings?

You can read our full paper on what our data tells us about locum doctors