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NHS GPs in England and Scotland face growing workplace pressures

What were the key findings?

GPs in England and Scotland face considerable and growing workplace pressures.

Our analysis of the working patterns of NHS GPs in England and Scotland has highlighted strong patterns between GPs’ contractual arrangements and rates of complaints and investigations.

It also suggests a better appreciation of the different situations, practice contexts and experiences of GPs could help us to better support them to maintain high professional standards. And to better protect patient safety.

Our data for this paper only covers GPs working in the NHS in England and Scotland.

Why are we sharing this data?

We are making our data more accessible to relevant organisations and individuals, to help inform further research and policy development. As well as our annual publication (The state of medical education and practice in the UK), we now produce more regular reports on specific themes and topics.

Northern Ireland and Wales

No practice history data is available for doctors in Northern Ireland and Wales. We’re seeking equivalent data to produce further analyses for these groups.

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What our data tells us about GPs working for the NHS in England and Scotland