GMC tracking survey 2016

What were the key findings?

  • All audiences have high levels of confidence in the medical profession. This has remained largely consistent since 2014.

  • The main challenges facing doctors, across all audiences, are high workload, increasing demand caused by demographic pressures, and lack of time to complete tasks and/or a high burnout rate.

  • The public, employers, MPs and stakeholders have similar levels of confidence in the GMC’s regulation as in 2014. But there have been drops in confidence in regulation among doctors, medical students and educators.

  • The vast majority of doctors feel that each registration process (general, specialist and GP) was fair to them personally.

  • The majority of all audiences are confident new graduate doctors are prepared for practice. But, educators' confidence has dropped since 2014.

  • Doctors’ perceptions of revalidation are generally positive. Larger proportions agree than disagree that they have been treated fairly, that they have received sufficient information, and that any concerns have been addressed.

  • There's some indication that concern about doctors’ practice may be increasing. One in five employers reported increased levels of concerns over the past 12 months.

  • Positively, among those who have been in a situation which they believed that patient safety or care was being compromised by a doctor’s practice, a significant majority of doctors, students, educators and employers have raised those concerns.

  • All audiences except doctors are more likely to be confident than not confident in the fairness of Fitness to Practise investigations, and in addition, doctors’ confidence has dropped since 2014.

  • The GMC ranks relatively highly as a front-of-mind point of contact for support on ethical and professional guidance. Encouragingly, the majority of those who have used the GMC’s guidance say that it is helpful.

  • On the whole, the vast majority of all audiences tested are currently happy with their level of contact with the GMC.

Why did we commission this research?

We commissioned this research to help us track perceptions over time. We wanted to determine how specific areas of the GMC’s work are regarded by key groups. The findings will help us to focus our efforts where they're most needed.

What did the research involve?

A survey was undertaken of the views of our key interest groups – doctors, medical students, educators, the general public and patients, stakeholders, parliamentarians and employers.

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