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Certificates of Completion of Training (CCT)

CCTs are issued to doctors who complete a full GMC-approved specialty training programme.

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CCT statistics - current year by quarter:

CCT Statistics Q1 2024

Portfolio pathway (formally Certificates of eligibility)

Portfolio pathway applications (formally CESR and CEGPR) are issued to specialists and GPs who have not completed a GMC-approved programme but are able to demonstrate that they meet our requirements particular to their specialty, training, qualifications and experience.


We understand applications for the Portfolio pathway can be a daunting prospect. Applicants will look to get as much information as possible before committing to a time consuming and complex process. However, if you're seeking to assess the likelihood of success for an application, you should interpret these numbers with caution.

The process of applying is a unique experience for each applicant. Success depends on your:

  • previous experience
  • level and availability of the evidence
  • willingness to engage with the process
  • referees are able to provide the information we need.

The archives below show

Portfolio pathway (previously CESR and CEGPR) - current year by quarter: 

Portfolio Q1 2024

Annual reports

Specialist registration annual reports from 2013 are available below. They give an overview of the key themes for applications to the Specialist and GP Registers.