Medical school assessments

We have assisted countries with bench-marking medical schools against best-in-class medical education standards.

We assessed international medical schools against medical education standards as outlined in the UK guidance Promoting excellence. We reviewed documents relating to the standards of the international medical school and identified gaps for further exploration.

We interviewed students, faculty, senior leadership and other key stakeholders during an on-site visit. The report showed where standards were being successfully implemented and outlined where standards could be improved. The medical school was then able to develop an action plan to address these gaps over a reasonable time frame.

Image of the Armed Forces College of Medicine (AFCM) based in Cairo, Egypt.

Medical School Assessment for the Armed Forces College of Medicine, Egypt

We conducted a medical school assessment of the Armed Forces College of Medicine (AFCM) based in Cairo, Egypt.

The assessment was carried out in a similar way to the assessment of medical schools in the United Kingdom. With local context and legislation being taken into consideration we agreed the project scope and AFCM submitted their documentation for review.

We reviewed the documents using the five key themes outlined in Promoting excellence:

  • Learning environment and culture
  • Educational governance and leadership
  • Support for learners
  • Support for educators
  • Development and implementation of curricula and assessments.

The team travelled to Egypt to meet with key AFCM stakeholders. They confirmed that AFCM were delivering a high standard of medical education, equal to the standards used to assess medical schools within the UK. A certificate to confirm the high standards of medical education was awarded to AFCM. 

Training of Medical School Assessors for the Indonesian Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in Health

We trained medical school assessors who conduct on-site medical school evaluations. This training programme takes an interactive and engaging approach, teaching assessors:

  • how to form effective evaluation teams
  • how to evaluate submitted documentation
  • interviewing skills and techniques
  • report writing

These are necessary components of conducting a medical school assessment. This training has enabled medical school assessors to conduct effective medical school assessments within their countries.

GMCSI has also conducted a Train the Trainer programme. Medical school assessors are trained to improve the skills, processes and report writing capabilities of other medical school assessors who are working across the region.