Corporate strategy and plans

In this section you can see our strategy, our plans and reports highlighting our impact on patient safety and medical education and practice.

Our plans and annual reports

Find out what we have set out to do this year to support our corporate strategy, and see our previous business plans.  
We have impact in many different ways. In this section we describe some of them.
We’re taking action to address the issues that have been raised with us about the environments in which doctors practise, and the impact of systems pressures.

Devolved legislature reports

Find out how we worked with our partners across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to help support the health and social care system in 2020.

Northern Ireland 

Our report to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Northern Ireland report


Our report to the Scottish Parliament.

Scotland report


Our report to the Senedd.

Wales report

Adroddiad Cymru (Welsh)