National training surveys

The national training surveys are a core part of the work that the GMC carries out each year to monitor the quality of medical education and training in the UK.

Survey news

2014 reports on patient safety and undermining

Read our reports highlighting issues raised in the 2014 national training survey.

Concerns about patient safety (pdf), includes an analysis of the patient safety concerns. Undermining (pdf) covers bullying and undermining behaviour and our plans to work with others to combat this kind of behaviour in clinical environments.

Piloting a new national survey of trainers

We are piloting a new survey of trainers to hear their feedback on the support and recognition they get in their role. The survey will run from 14 October – 25 November 2014.

The national training survey results

Our 2014 key findings report, including UK-wide scores and case studies, is now available.

You can find more detailed, local, results from the 2014 survey our reporting tool.

Socioeconomic status questions report

You can see the results of the socioeconomic status questions from the 2013 survey in our report: National training survey: socioeconomic status questions (pdf). This year, for the first time, we asked these questions of doctors in training who completed both their secondary education and medical degree in the UK.


Survey background

You can read about the background to the survey on our background page.

Trainee survey

Read more about the trainee survey, including confidentiality information.

Trainer survey

Read more about the trainer survey.


You can find all documents related to the survey, including briefing notes, user guides and resource materials in our documents section.

Survey results

You can find all reports for the trainee and trainer surveys, including key findings reports, in our survey results section.