The GP Register

What is the GP Register? 

The GP Register is a list of doctors who are eligible for appointment as a general practitioner in the UK. 

Since 1 April 2006, all doctors working as a GP in the UK health service must be on the GP Register, other than doctors in training, such as GP registrars. This requirement extends to locums.

If a doctor is on the GP Register it will say so as part of their status on the medical register.

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Apply to join the GP Register

If you have a specialist medical qualification or training in general practice you can apply to join the GP Register. How you apply depends on things like when and where you completed your GP qualification training.

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Types of applications available for GPs

Other steps you need to take to work as a GP in the UK

As well as being on the GP Register, you’ll need to complete a number of other processes before you can start work as a GP in the UK. You'll need to join a Performers List and an Induction or Returner Scheme. 

Working as a GP in the UK