What to tell us when you apply - guide

This guide will help you work out whether you need to tell us about something on your application.

It covers:

  • health conditions
  • cautions and convictions
  • fixed penalty notices and penalty notices for disorder
  • action taken against you by a medical school or employer
  • clinical negligence and medical negligence claims. 

What does it do?

This guide contains a section for each question we ask on your application. It gives you information for your circumstances and helps you find out what to tell us when you answer questions about your health and fitness to practise on your application.

This guide also tells you what extra information you need to give us based on your situation. It doesn't tell you what documents or evidence related to your practice you need to send us. For example, your primary medical qualification or a certificate of good standing.

We expect you to use your judgement when you apply this guide to decide whether to tell us something. But just because you tell us about something doesn’t mean we won’t approve your application.

What applications does it work for?

This guide will help you answer health and fitness to practise questions for applications to join or leave the register, change your registration status, restore your licence and the annual return for revalidation (for doctors without a connection to a designated body).

Who is it for?

Medical students and doctors should use this guide to find out what to tell us on their application.