Delays to specialist applications

We’re currently processing a large number of applications. Thank you for your patience - we’ll aim to progress your application as quickly as we can.

Review of a CESR or CEGPR application

If you’ve been unsuccessful in your CESR or CEGPR application, you may be eligible to apply for a review of our decision.

To start work as a GP in the UK, you'll need to complete a number of processes. Some of these are handled by organisations other than the GMC.

You must read our Working as a GP in the UK page for information about applying to join a performers' list and induction and returner schemes.

These are extra requirements for you to work as a GP in the UK. 

Why I should read this guide? 
To find out if you’re eligible and how to make your application. 
Next steps 
Once you’ve read our guidance – prepare evidence and submit your application.