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Retrospective granting of CCT to doctors granted a CESR through the combined programme

This guide is for doctors who have previously been granted a CESR under the combined programme, who want to request a CCT retrospectively, and:

  • have trained in approved UK training posts for the minimum number of years required for their specialty; or,
  • trained in a specialty with no minimum training time.

The combined programme is for doctors who have trained in non-approved post(s), entered an approved training programme above the first year and then completed the rest of the programme, demonstrating the curricula competencies.

You can't request to be retrospectively granted with a CCT in place of a CESR if:

  • you used the CESR/CEGPR route to specialist/GP registration, or
  • you trained in the UK for less than the required minimum number of years.
Why read this guide?
To find out how to request a CCT retrospectively, in place of a CESR issued through the combined programme route to specialist registration. If you are eligible, it is up to you to decide whether you wish to ask for your CESR (CP) to be converted to a CCT. There is no requirement for you to do so.
Next steps
If you want to request a retrospective grant of a CCT, you should check your eligibility first and then send us an email request.