Full registration with a licence to practise and specialist/GP registration via Portfolio pathway

This guide is for doctors who haven’t completed a GMC approved programme of training. But, you can show you have knowledge, skills and experience of an eligible specialist/GP in the UK.

It sets out how to apply for Full registration with a licence to practise and specialist/GP registration via the Portfolio pathway at the same time.

Once you open your application, you will have 24 months to submit it to us. You'll need to prepare evidence before submitting your application. Gathering evidence for a Portfolio pathway application is a large undertaking, so it is important than you plan this. Once your application is submitted; it can take between three and six months to process.

We’ve created this guide to show the different steps in the application process. It’s really important you read this guide thoroughly to assist you in making your application.

To help support you, we’ve also created a GMC Online user guide that shows the steps you will go through in the online application in GMC Online.

We’ve also created an application and evidence guide which sets out how to organise your evidence.

Important information for doctors intending to work as a GP in the UK

To start work as a GP in the UK, you'll need to complete a number of processes. Some of these are handled by organisations other than the GMC.

You must read our Working as a GP in the UK page for information about applying to join a performers' list and induction and returner schemes. These are extra requirements for you to work as a GP in the UK

Why I should read this guide?
To find out if this is the right type of application for you and how to make your application.
Next steps
Once you’ve read our guidance – prepare your evidence and submit your application.