Private UK-based medical colleges

The following schools claim that a course of study which was largely or wholly completed in the United Kingdom, leads to a primary medical qualification (PMQ) awarded by an overseas university. 
We do not register or license graduates who have been awarded a PMQ in such circumstances nor do we allow them to book or sit the PLAB test.
The below institutions are those which we are currently aware of but this is not an exhaustive list. We are therefore not liable for the information these institutions provide or decisions they make:

  • European College of Medicine, London (ECM)
  • Grace University School of Medicine, London
  • London College of Medicine
  • London School of Medicine
  • London Medical School
  • School of Health and Neural Sciences, Nottingham
  • American International School of Medicine, UK satellite campus
  • St. Christopher's College of Medicine, Luton
  • Kigezi International School of Medicine, Cambridge
  • Medical College London, Montserrat

See the current criteria for acceptable primary medical qualifications for an overseas PMQ wanting to register for a licence to practise.