Changes we are making to CESR and CEGPR applications

In May 2017, we launched new standards for curricula development, which require all royal colleges and faculties to update their curricula to include generic professional capabilities by the end of 2020. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic there have been some delays to timeframes for some specialties.

As CESR and CEGPR applications are assessed against these specialty curricula, if you’re making one of these applications, you’ll need to make sure you are familiar with the curriculum for your specialty under which you are applying.

Why are we making changes to the curricula?

The generic professional capabilities framework sets out the essential generic capabilities needed for safe, effective and high quality medical care in the UK, with principles and professional responsibility of doctors at the heart of them..

We’ve translated these principles into educational outcomes so they can be incorporated into curricula.

Excellence by design requires that the GPCs are included in all postgraduate curricula.

Why does this affect CESR and CEGPR applicants?

CESR and CEGPR applicants are assessed against the standard of the relevant CCT curriculum in their specialty. This means that all competences of the CCT curriculum need to be demonstrated by an applicant in their evidence.

Incorporating generic professional capabilities into specialty curricula will change the structure of the curricula, so they’re based around high level learning outcomes.

To make the requirements of the application as clear as possible to doctors, we’ve updated our online application so it’s flexible and specialty specific.

What this means for CESR and CEGPR applicants

Due to the significant changes that are being made to the curriculum in some specialties and to ensure fairness between the CCT and CESR/CEGPR process, once a curriculum has been approved and published you may be given the opportunity to make your CESR application in either the new curriculum or the previous version of the curriculum.  This option of dual running of curricula will likely be available until the point of implementation for CCT training for the relevant specialty but may be extended past the point of implementation if necessary. To check whether the curricula for your specialty will be dual run please check the guidance for your specialty.

If you have already started an application in GMC Online, we’ll get in contact with you to keep you updated on the progress of curriculum development in your specialty and how this will affect your application.

If you haven’t started your application in GMC Online yet, it’s really important that you keep checking the curriculum for your specialty for updates to make sure you provide sufficient and relevant evidence in your application for the curriculum under which you are applying. If you choose to apply under the new curriculum you will  need to submit evidence for any updated competencies in the curriculum approved at the point you submit your application.

View the curriculum for your specialty.