Applying for entry to the GP Register

This is for doctors who want to join the GP Register.

Am I eligible to apply?

You may be eligible for entry onto the GP Register if you have a relevant European GP qualification.

You can check which GP qualification we will accept in our evidence of qualifications page. Then you must also check your qualification is on our list of relevant European qualifications, and that:

  • The title of it is exactly the same as the one in our list, and;
  • Your qualification was issued on or after the reference date listed.

How do I apply?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you should log in to GMC Online and make your application for entry onto the GP Register. There is no fee for an application for direct entry onto the GP Register if you already hold full registration.

What if I don’t hold full registration?

You'll need to make an application for full registration with a licence to practise and entry onto the GP Register at the same time.