Purpose and limitations of provisional registration

The purpose of provisional registration

The purpose of provisional registration is to allow you to complete a UK approved F1 programme.

Upon successful completion of F1, you will receive a certificate of experience. This certificate provides evidence that you meet the requirements for full registration. It must be signed by your university or designated representative in the postgraduate deaneries or foundation schools.

The limitations of provisional registration

If you hold provisional registration, you are not allowed to undertake any kind of service post, other than an approved UK F1 programme. That exclusion applies to service posts at F1 level and regardless of whether the post is substantive or locum.

Locum appointments for training (LAT) posts for provisionally registered doctors are very rare. Provisionally registered doctors may only take LAT posts where the foundation school has been involved in their recruitment to that post, the post is part of a programme and leads to the award of a certificate of experience. In addition to these requirements, graduates from UK medical schools must also have the approval of their medical school to undertake a LAT post.

There is a time limit on provisional registration – it can be held for a maximum of three years and 30 days (1,125 days) only. 

Can I start F1 before you grant my provisional registration?

You must not start work in your Foundation Year 1 programme until you have provisional registration with a licence to practise. This would be considered to be unregistered practice and we'd need to investigate it.

Remember – it's your responsibility to make sure you hold the appropriate registration with a licence to practise and don't work outside the scope of your registration. 

Can I do a Foundation Year 1 Programme abroad?

Foundation Year 1 is part of your basic medical education. If you’re thinking of doing your F1 year outside the UK, you should speak to your medical school and local foundation school to see if they are willing to approve and oversee the post. For further information, see our guidance on completing UK F1 abroad