Coronavirus - information for PLAB candidates

We’ve been doing all we can to get PLAB up and running following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our tests.

We restarted PLAB 2 on 13 August 2020.

Demand for PLAB 2 is very high and all available places are currently booked. We have to comply with current UK government guidance on social distancing and safe workplaces, so the number of candidates we can test in one sitting is lower than normal.

PLAB 1 tests for the rest of 2020 are currently going ahead as planned. We’re continually reviewing our arrangements for PLAB 1 based on advice from governments in the countries where exams are held.

Who is this guide for?
International medical graduates who are waiting to take PLAB 1 or PLAB 2.
What will it help you with?
You’ll find information about how our tests are operating, what this means for you, and what we’re doing to run PLAB as safely and as regularly as possible.