Brexit information for doctors
What we know so far and what we’re doing to support doctors who already work, or want to work, in the UK. Read our Brexit guide.

Join the register

There are different ways to apply for registration with a license to practise in the UK. It all depends on your nationality, qualifications and experience. Here, you can read our guides to registration and apply to join the Medical, GP or Specialist Registers. You can also move from provisional to full registration.

What you should know before you apply

How to join a register
You can find the right application and support to join either the medical, GP or Specialist registers using our application finder. It will take you through step-by-step on how to apply.

A doctor carrying out an exercise using a dummy

Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board

Are you from a country outside the UK, European Economic area or Switzerland? If you graduated from a medical school outside of the UK you will likely need to take a Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test to join the register.  

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International sports events

You need a specific registration if you are travelling with your country's teams to UK sporting events. See what you need to do get registered.


You can speak to our independent appeals team about the outcome of your application.