I’ve been asked to verify evidence. What do I need to do?

How to verify evidence for an application to the Specialist or GP Register

Thank you for agreeing to verify the evidence an applicant to the specialist or GP register needs to provide in support of their application.

This guidance aims to:

  • support you in your role of verifier
  • explain what you’ll need to do to verify the applicant’s evidence
  • explain how we’ll seek assurance from you about the accuracy and validity of that evidence.

If you have any further questions please call us on 0161 923 6602 or email us at equivalence@gmc-uk.org

Why have I been asked to be a verifier?

All training and experience evidence supplied by a doctor in support of their application must be verified by someone in a medical supervisory position who:

  • works at the hospital where the training or experience took place
  • is able to confirm that the evidence is a true and accurate record of the applicant’s practice

The applicant has identified you to be a suitable person because the evidence they are supplying was gained in the hospital or institution where you worked together.

We only ask applicants to provide one verifier per hospital/institution so you should be in a position to attest to all evidence the applicant is providing from the hospital/institution listed on the pro-forma.

Principles of verification

Before we submit applications for evaluation by the Royal Colleges and Faculties we have to be satisfied that the evidence submitted is an accurate reflection of the applicant’s experience and knowledge. 

We’ll check a percentage of evidence from each applicants bundle in order to satisfy ourselves that the evidence supplied is authentic and accurate.
From this sample we’ll contact the person who has verified the evidence and ask them to confirm they signed the pro-forma and checked the evidence.

You can only verify evidence from the hospital at which they worked with the applicant. You cannot verify evidence from any of the applicant’s other employments.

What do I need to do?

The pro-forma is designed to be used electronically, so the applicant can email you a copy of the pro-forma for you to complete in this way when checking their evidence.

  • Complete all the verifier sections of the pro-forma (Parts 04-05)
  • Please provide your GMC registered email address. If you aren’t registered with us please provide you professional/work email address.
  • Refer to the ‘Index of Evidence’ section of the pro-forma (Part 03), and check the doctor’s evidence relates to the institution where you work/worked together. Make sure to check that the evidence provided to you is what is listed and described.
  • Check the total number of pages listed matches those provided to you.
  • Where necessary check the institution’s or your own personal records to satisfy yourself on the validity of the evidence provided.
  • Type your name in to the signature box to attest to the authenticity and accuracy of the evidence included in the bundle and detailed in the pro-forma.

It’s important that you keep a copy of the pro-forma for your records, as we will contact you to verify this information once the applicant has submitted their evidence.

You need to be available to attest to a sample of the evidence provided by the applicant for around three months after we receive the application from them.

You may be asked to complete more than one pro-forma for an applicant if they make more than one submission of evidence to us.

What should I do if I can’t verify the applicant’s evidence?

If you aren’t able to confirm the validity of some or all of the evidence the applicant has listed in their pro-forma you should:

  • Return the unsigned pro-forma to the applicant, confirming which evidence you aren’t able to verify
  • Ask the applicant to provide you with a new pro-forma to complete which only lists evidence you are able to verify

What happens next?

  • When the doctor submits their application some of the evidence you verified may be subject to checks.
  • You’ll receive an email from a member of the Specialist Applications Team to your registered email (or work/professional email address if you aren’t registered with us), within a week of receiving the doctor’s bundle of evidence.  This is to confirm you’re acting as one of the verifiers for the doctor’s application and provide guidance on what may be required from you later in check on the evidence.
  • Please respond to the email with the details we’ve requested, within two weeks.
  • If the evidence you verified is selected for checks, you’ll receive another email from a member of the Specialist Applications Team within around three months. It’s important that you’re available to respond to this as we won’t be able to accept the applicant’s evidence without your reply.
  • We’ll provide you with a sample of evidence from the doctor’s bundle which formed part of the pro-forma you completed – we’ll share this sample via email or GMC Connect.
  • We’ll ask you to confirm this is the evidence you checked originally to attest to its accuracy and authenticity.
  • Please respond to this email via return to equivalence@gmc-uk.org within two weeks.