Information for employers and other organisations

Employing doctors

This information help's employers understand their obligations around employing and contracting with doctors.

By law, doctors need to be registered with a licence to practise to practise medicine in the UK.

As an employer, you must make sure doctors you employ have the appropriate registration for their type of post or practice, and have a licence to practise if their work requires them to do so.

Read your guidance on employing a doctor.

Effective clinical governance 

It’s also important for organisations that employ, contract or oversee the practice of doctors to have effective clinical governance arrangements in place.

We collaborated with others to produce a guide to help organisations assess what they have in place for doctors and identify areas for further development.

It's also a useful tool when there are concerns about the reliability of revalidation recommendations. Organisations can use the framework to give us assurance that they have robust clinical governance and revalidation arrangements in place. And where this isn’t the case, understand what steps they can take to make sure they do. 

Read our handbook on effective clinical governance arrangements.