Doctors with restrictions on their practice

If a doctor has restrictions on their practice they have to disclose their publicly-available restrictions to you and their responsible officer.

You can also check the medical register to see if the doctor you’re employing has fitness to practise restrictions.

Where a doctor has restrictions or requirements on their practice, you, and/or their responsible officer, must check that they comply with GMC conditions and undertakings. This is to make sure the doctor’s return to practice is appropriately and safely managed.

If the doctor is working in a non-NHS setting, we will consider whether the post, and/or employing or contracting organisation, has an appropriate management structure and clinical governance framework. These need to be in place to provide the necessary level of oversight or, where appropriate, supervision.

Read our guidance for responsible officers about their role in supporting doctors with restrictions on their practice.

If your organisation is not a designated body so you don't have a responsible officer, the doctor needs to identify someone with the necessary experience to fulfil the role and support their return to work. We must approve such an arrangement before they can start working.