End of life care and clinically assisted nutrition and hydration in an older person


This case study supports the information on Older people in the Ethical Hub. It aims to help explain how certain principles in our guidance should be applied to patients and in practice.

  • Each case study begins with the patient’s notes to set the scene and the characters
  • The grey boxes tell the story
  • The blue boxes summarise the doctor’s considerations and/or actions
  • At the end of each case study we highlight the paragraphs in our guidance for your reference


Mr Singh is 82 year old. He had a haemorrhagic stroke two months ago leaving him with a reduced level of consciousness and unable to have any meaningful communication.

Dr Dawson has been Mr Singh’s GP for the past 6 years. He has been called for a home visit as Mr Singh’s conscious level has declined and he is now having swallowing difficulties.

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