PA registration assessment content map

The physician associate registration assessment (PARA) is the means by which qualified physician associates can demonstrate their readiness to practice in the UK.

The PARA comprises a written assessment and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) which can be passed in either order. It is set at the level of a newly qualified physician associate and is general in nature.

The PARA content map is one component of our test specification, which sets out our requirements for the design and content of the assessment.

The test specification comprises:

  • A content map, which outlines the areas of knowledge and skill that could be covered in the PARA knowledge test and OSCE.
  • A sampling grid, which outlines how an assessment should be built.

Higher education institutions (HEIs) may also use this document in conjunction with the physician associate curriculum to inform the design of their PA course.

Download the Physician associate registration assessment (PARA) content map

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