Engagement report for PA and AA pre-qualification education framework

This report is an analysis of the responses we received to our consultation on the pre-qualification framework and the physician associate (PA) registration assessment content map.

The framework is made up of our PA and anaesthesia associate (AA) generic and shared learning outcomes and the colleges' curricula.

We decided to co-ordinate a single engagement exercise, rather than have each contributing organisation attempt to engage on their document separately. We received 114 responses to the questionnaire. Responses came from:

  • bodies representing PAs or AAs
  • PA or AA education providers
  • medical schools and postgraduate medical institutions
  • NHS or HSC organisations
  • arms-length bodies
  • practising PAs and AAs,
  • medical educators
  • doctors
  • PA and AA students
  • other healthcare professionals
  • non-healthcare individuals.