Working with partners

Roundtable meeting

In October 2016 we held a roundtable meeting to see how we could promote flexibility in postgraduate medical education and training. The roundtable was chaired by Professor Terence Stephenson, who opened the meeting with his reflections on the issues facing doctors in training.

We invited a range of stakeholders, including doctors in training, education leaders, and representatives from all four countries of the UK. We held a discussion with the aim of working together to identify issues to be addressed, look for common ground, and explore how we can drive collective change to promote and enhance flexibility.

Following the roundtable we produced a stocktaking paper identifying areas for exploration, and referencing wider developments from the workforce and service perspective which may support flexibility.

Gathering evidence across the UK

In late 2016 and early 2017 we met with key organisations and individuals from across the UK, for further engagement and exploration of options, barriers, gaps and potential solutions.

We heard throughout this review that the current approach to training is out of date and urgently in need of reform. The structure and processes in training have created barriers for doctors in training who seek to change specialty. The same structures limit the ability of training to adapt to changing population and service needs.

Our engagement report gives details of the views and experiences shared with us by stakeholders throughout the UK.