Transition of learners to a new curriculum

This document sets out our requirements for doctors in training who are working towards a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) to move to the most recent GMC approved curriculum.

It also sets out requirements for how curriculum changes should be applied to doctors applying for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist or GP Registration (CESR/CEGPR).

At any one time there should only be a maximum of two approved curricula per specialty. This will mitigate educational quality concerns arising from managing trainees on multiple and out-of-date curricula.

CESR/CEGPR applicants will be able to choose to open an application against either the new or previous curriculum until the transition period no longer applies. This updates our statement published in November 2012, and the revised statement is effective as of the date of publication.

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Who is this document for?

The revised requirements are relevant to those involved in the design and delivery of postgraduate medical education and training in the UK, and those who are in GMC approved postgraduate training programmes leading to a CCT. They are also relevant to doctors applying for specialist or GP registration though the CESR/CEGPR pathway.