The reflective practitioner - a guide for medical students

As a medical student, you are learning not only the scientific and clinical knowledge you need to become a doctor, but also the professional skills and identity that will help you to provide a high standard of care to your patients. The practice of reflection can assist you in this learning process.

Reflection is an essential activity that doctors use every day in their practice. Your medical school will support you in developing this important skill.

Throughout this guidance we use the views of medical students, doctors and medical educators to explain why reflection is important and show you how you can use it in your daily life as a student and beyond.

What this guide will help you answer
This guide will help you understand the principles and importance of reflective practice.
Why you will need to read this document
There is a strong public interest in medical students and doctors being able to reflect in an open and honest way. This guidance gives you practical advice on how to become a reflective practitioner.