Student resources

These resources are designed to help medical students learn how to reflect, and show how students have developed and used reflection to improve their practice.

Reflective practice model - Warwick Medical School

Warwick Medical School, together with students, have developed a reflective model for thinking through professionalism dilemmas. It aims to help students develop their professional reasoning skills and therefore their confidence to act professionally.

The ‘WHOA!’ model of reflection - Warwick Medical School

The WHOA model
A doctor using an IPad

Reflective diary

A student talks about how keeping a daily reflective diary has been extremely beneficial to both their professional and personal life.

How do I reflect?

Change stories

Read how students have used reflection to make changes and improve their interactions with patients.

Improving communication with patients

I’ve also learnt to stay persistent and try other ways of tackling a situation as ultimately the problem needs to be solved. In the future, when I’m a doctor, I will have to overcome problems on my own.
from Improving communication with patients - Cognitive assessment  
I was concerned that any interactions I may have with the patient may cause them more distress or interfere with the nurses. I didn’t back my experience to help me in being able to interact with them as a person.
from Improving communication with patients - Difficult interactions 
I thought, great, something I’ve had lots of practice doing, I can do this. But then the registrar said that I couldn’t write anything down until after I’d spoken to the patient...
from Patient history - Being present 
'...the experience has highlighted the importance of focusing on the patient themselves and not just the history they are giving.'
from Patient history - Focus on the patient 

Student professionalism competition on reflective practice

We ran a competition with the Medical Schools Council in 2018, asking students to create a teaching session on reflective practice and its importance for medical students.

The winner designed a teaching session inspired by a ‘Trip Advisor’ approach, to help doctors reflect on their own practice. Other runners up and shortlisted entries include exploring the relationship with reflection and wellbeing, and considering reflection as integral to life rather than a tick box exercise.

Student professionalism 2018 competition: Reflective practice