Costs and test scores


Students in the UK won’t have to pay us anything extra to take the MLA. Universities will cover the costs, including from course fees. Some medical schools charge for resits, and these fees may apply to anyone resitting the MLA as part of their degree requirements.

Publishing results 

You’ll receive your results for the applied knowledge test (AKT) from your medical school, rather than directly from us.

We’re committed to sharing information to improve medical education and training. However, we won’t release students' individual scores, or seek to rank schools or students based on their results.

We recognise that others may use the data on schools’ results for ranking or league tables. We’ll discourage the use of simplistic measures to rank schools and make sure that when the data is used, it’s appropriately explained and put into context.

Resitting the MLA

The MLA will be part of the requirements for your degree. If you fail it, just as if you fail any other degree requirement, you won’t graduate. In the same way, if you pass the MLA but don't meet the other requirements set by your medical school for your degree, you won’t be able to graduate.

We expect to agree a maximum number of permitted attempts, and an appeals system for the AKT. We’re discussing the detail with medical schools.

Mitigating circumstances and reasonable adjustments

We’re discussing arrangements for mitigating circumstances and reasonable adjustments with medical schools.