Bodies awarding UK medical degrees

We decide which organisations can award UK primary medical qualifications. In most cases, a medical school is part of a single university which gives degrees to medical graduates. In some cases, universities come together to run a single medical school. These combinations of universities form a single body for the purposes of holding examinations for and awarding primary medical qualifications.

Who can award UK medical degrees?

Recent changes to the list

  • We added Lancaster University to our list in April 2017.
  • We removed a combination of the University of Exeter and the University of Plymouth in March 2018. This is because it stopped issuing primary medical qualifications, but the degrees it awarded up until then are still valid.
  • We added Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry in March 2018.
  • We added University of Exeter Medical School to our list in March 2018.
  • We added University of Buckingham to our list in May 2019.
  • We added University of Central Lancashire to our list in March 2020.